Mar 15, 2007

Bundles of Joy, Oodles of Goodness

You know sometimes when you buy a record and you know instantly that you are hearing something that just feels SPECIAL. Well Do Make Say Think's "You, You're a History in Rust" is special, very special. But it deserves its own special column. For now let me assure it is greatness smacked down and laid out. Having said that I am feeling very satisfied at the moment musically. Firstly, in the live arena I have witnessed tremendous shows this year by M. Ward, The Mountain Goats, Neko Case, Joanna Newsom, Andrew Bird, Calexico and The Dears. Some great albums have been released. I love the new ones by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Menomena, Arcade Fire, The Besnard Lakes, Explosions In The Sky. Also I have been engaged by recent releases by Eluvium and Odawas (reviews shortly). Having said that the second album by Bloc Party I found very disappointing. Also, though I haven't heard them in full, I wasn't moved by the Of Montreal and Deerhoof records. And remember we have new releases by Andrew Bird, Modest Mouse, Apostle of Hustle and Low just around the corner. Plus just over the horizon we can look forward to new Bright Eyes, Wilco and Frog Eyes.

So I thought I would give you a wrap up of great songs that are spinning in my household at the moment. Most of these are current, some in the recent past and some are on upcoming releases.
Now I have posted several of these before or most likely you have heard them elsewhere. But here they are anyway, enjoy or just move onto the next blog-

MP3: A Tender History in Rust- Do Make Say Think
MP3: Prelude For Time Feelers- Eluvium
MP3: Welcome, Ghosts- Explosions in The Sky
MP3: And You Lied to Me- The Besnard Lakes
MP3: Alleluia- Odawas
MP3: War- Ladyhawk
MP3: A Great Divide- Parts and Labor
MP3: Shake It Off- Wilco
MP3: Parting of The Sensory-Modest Mouse
MP3: What Light-Wilco
MP3: Four Winds- Bright Eyes
MP3: Elephant Gun-Beirut
MP3: My Sword Hand's Anger-Apostle of Hustle
MP3: Underwater (You and Me)-Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
MP3: Black Wave/Bad Vibrations- Arcade Fire
MP3: Bone Tapper- The Woods
MP3: The Now- Mouthful of Bees
MP3: Bushels-Frog Eyes
MP3: Breaker- Low
MP3: Heretics- Andrew Bird
MP3: Barefoot in the Rain- Kinetic Stereokids
MP3: Terrarium- King of Prussia
MP3: Screendoor- Illinois
MP3: Muscle'n Flo- Menomena
MP3: Psychic Love Star- Forest Fire
MP3: Whirring-Arms
MP3: While You Were Sleeping- Elvis Perkins

That is all for now, I will leave you with this line from the glorious new album from Do Make Say Think-
When you die, you'll have to leave them behind. You should keep that in mind.
When you keep that in mind, you'll find a love as big as the sky.


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