Mar 21, 2007

Archives (Mat Brooke)

Mat Brooke has a new band. If you loved Carissa's Wierd, then I'm sure you will be interested. I only became aware of that band's music after falling in love with "Everything All the Time", the debut record of Band of Horses. Of course the story goes that Carissa's Wierd existed as a cult favourite in the Seattle scene for many years before disbanding a couple of years ago. Rising out of the ashes Ben Bridwell and Mat Brooke formed Band of Horses and they were signed to Subpop. Their debut album was much loved, with Ben doing most of the singing and writing. In July of last year Mat left the band and soon after formed Archives. Now armed with a four song demo, they are playing their very first show at Neumo's in Seattle as I write this missive.

There is very revealing article in The Stranger.
They have two songs up at their Myspace.
MP3: Sleepdriving


  • At March 23, 2007 , Anonymous James said...

    Song structure reminds me quite a lot of Everything All The Time and that's a good thing. definitely liking what I'm hearing! Thanks mate for sharing.


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