Feb 6, 2007

The Woods

I don't know where to start this post. The band in question really defies any easy categorisation. Although that is a good thing I believe. The easiest thing to do when writing about a band is to use other bands as references. Perhaps its a bit lazy, but when you want to convey the sound in words a comparison will do the job for you. Well The Woods don't make it easy. I only heard about this band a couple of weeks ago and I recently took into my hands their just released album "At Rear House". To set the scene, the band are essentially Jeremy Earl and Christian DeRoeck and they hail from New York. "At Rear House" is primarily their first easily buyable recorded output. The sounds on this record are a combination of softly strummed folk with a gothic edge, eerie background noises, sparse drumming and high pitched vocals. Its the sort of record to listen to late at night with the headphones on. The interesting mix of sounds should be given the chance to wash over you. OK, I will try a comparison, its like a lo-fi version of Grandaddy and Akron/Family jamming together. Highly original and recommended.

Listen to some tunes at their Myspace.
Best place to purchase is at Midheaven.
MP3: Bone Tapper


  • At February 06, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wayne, thanks for the tip - will check them out. Sounds interesting.

    I can totally recommend Midheaven mail order as a great place to deal with (you link to them after your post) - I ordered the new(ish) Michael Zapruder's Rain of Frogs album (New Ways of Letting Go) from these guys about 8 months ago, and they sent it to me within a week (from date of order, to getting it in my hands here in Australia). Further, it was some 6 weeks before release date - whoops! Someone sent it to me early, not realising it wasn't even released yet). Wayne, are you familiar with Michael Zapruder?

    He's an excellent vocalist / musician, and his current incarnation (Rain of Frogs) features an ensemble cast of indie performers from bands including the Decemberists', etc.


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