Feb 3, 2007

Voxtrot update and other stuff

An update to my recent post about Voxtrot. It has now been revealed on Pitchfork that the pop geniuses from Austin HAVE finished recording their debut album. It hasn't been given a title yet but it will be given a release on Playlouder on May 22. The record will have 12 or 13 brand new Voxtrot tunes (no rerecordings) and was produced by Victor Van Vugt in Austin in December and January. To quote Ramesh Srivastava about the delay "I think, basically, we were waiting for enough support to do it right. To be able to really just [work on the album] all day every day, and to be able to afford to have string players come in and play on ten songs, and stuff like that...I'm really proud of those EPs, but I really wanted the album to be a step up sonically, and I knew if we had done that by ourselves, we couldn't have made it sound the way that we wanted it to." So for all Voxtrot fans this is great news indeed.

Go to Twelve Major Chords for a story about the new Kings of Leon album "Because of the Times" due for release in early April. I love my southern rock and KOL do it as well as anyone. The new single "On Call" sounds excellent and it is playing on Myspace now.

For those lucky enough to see the great Bill Callahan recently on tour, well he has a new record due in March. "Woke On a Whaleheart" is the name and You Ain't No Picasso has a new track from the record to listen to. Hurry up now and head over to hear it before it goes.

"Vagabonds and Hooligans" is the new release from Chicago outfit Backyard Tire Fire (love the name). I have heard a couple of tracks and like what I hear so far. The entire album is streaming at their site now. If you like a mix of country, folk and rock that sounds a little like Neil Young or Wilco this might be for you.
MP3: Vagabonds and Hooligans


  • At February 03, 2007 , Anonymous Sean said...

    uh oh. i love all 3 EPs...and all the other scattered tracks i've heard by Voxtrot. But strings on TEN songs worries me.


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