Feb 13, 2007

Maps and Atlases

Maps and Atlases are from Chicago and they play music that sounds quite unique. It has a restless energy that never sits still in the one place. Frenetic, jittery, impetuous, diverse are some adjectives I would use to describe them. "Trees, Swallows, Houses" is their recently released EP and well worth investigating. Their music has crazy time signatures that make each song jump all over the place, making each listen a discovery in itself. Dave Davison, Shiraz Dada, Erin Elders, Chris Hainey form the band and even though they are a conventional Indie rock four piece, their music is far from conventional. The drumming is truly special, beating out frenetic ruptures and the guitars are more then just instruments, they are pushed to the limits with rhythmic syncopations that offer a unique take. This is quite intricate music and well worth a listen.
MP3: Every Place Is a House
You can check out more tunes at their Myspace
or purchase Trees, Swallows, Houses here.


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