Feb 15, 2007

Explosions in the Sky - Greet Death - Be The Riottt

Greatness never sounded so good. Live from the Be The Riottt festival in San Francisco last year. I implore you watch this all the way through, you will cry with joy by the end. I'm like a little kid with a new toy today. I have their new album in my hands, trembling while typing, a full and comprehensive review is coming.

I'm still trying to track down the new Menomena album. No luck so far, should have ordered it from Barsuk Records, save me all the hassle.

I love Frog Eyes. Their new album "Tears of the Valedictorian" is due May 1. By all reports this will be special. Here is a track from the forthcoming album.
MP3: Bushels

I'm currently working on a list of my favourite 50 songs of all time. Yes I have gone insane...
Let me just say that a band touring here is odds on to be number one.


  • At February 17, 2007 , Anonymous joe said...

    i got the new menomena album if you want it, i can let you have the mp3's until you track down a disc.

    my aim is nomoneymehl



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