Jan 22, 2007

Oxford Collapse, or how 2006 is still a voyage of discovery for me; 2007, excitement levels are rising very quickly

This CD cover just shouts fun doesn't it? Well trust me, if you buy Remember the Night Parties I can assure you, you will have fun. It represents the third album from Brooklyn three-piece Oxford Collapse and shows the band maturing into quite a force. Released late in 2006, I only recently discovered it and it is assuredly on high rotation at the moment. A lot of people have compared the bands' sound to Superchunk and I think that is apt. There is supreme energy on this disc from the power charged standout "Please Visit Your National Parks" to the highly infectious "Lady Lawyers" and "Molasses". Michael Pace sings with a real fervour over a raucous combination of bass and drums. Its not all power pop though, the moody opener "He'll Paint While We Play" is a gentle introduction and the eight minute epic "Return of the Bruno" has a touch of Built to Spill guitar heroics.
You can buy at Subpop or Insound.
MP3: Please Visit Your National Parks
MP3: Lady Lawyers

2007- So much to look forward to and here is just a taste, some of this has been floating around for a while, but it's so good I had to share again.

MP3: Yankee Go Home-Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.
Due any day now, what I have heard so far just sounds extra special to me and even better then the first album. I love Alec Ounsworth's voice and I'm not afraid to admit It.

MP3: The Universe-Do Make Say Think
Bold, beautiful and intoxicating. February is just around the corner for this Canadian group to take centre stage. You, You're a History in Rust should be special.

MP3: Black Wave/Bad Vibrations- The Arcade Fire
Greatness becomes legend.

MP3: My Sword Hand's Anger- Apostle of Hustle
Broken Social Scene member Andrew Whiteman's project shows his talents are prodigious.


  • At January 26, 2007 , Anonymous Ro said...

    Please visit your national parks is one of my favourite songs. Subpop are always releasing great music and its really no surprise that oxford collapse are signed with them.


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