Jan 27, 2007

New Spoon, Andrew Bird, etc.

Without doubt Spoon are one of the finest bands on the planet. Their songwriting is so consistently great they should be bigger then they are. "Sister Jack" from their last release "Gimme Fiction" should have been a worldwide hit, considering its effortless groove. However, we can't do much about that, the good news is their new record should be released some time before the middle of 2007. Details are scant, its rumoured to be named "Stroke Your Brains" but who knows if that will be the eventual title. Thanks to You Ain't No Picasso I have a new live track that sounds sensational. Plenty to look forward to in 2007, but Spoon tops my list.
MP3: Rhythm and Soul (live)

Andrew Bird was close to genius last night in Sydney, in support to the amazing Joanna Newsom. He only played a short set so I am looking forward to seeing him playing tonight at The Basement. My hand was forced as I was unable to secure tickets for Joanna Newsom's show at the Spiegeltent. It is however a wonderful "consolation" as I have fallen in love with his last album "The Mysterious Production of Eggs". His new release "Armchair Apocrypha" is due on Fat Possum Records in March. Here is a track from that album.
MP3: Heretics

I have been listening to the new Clap Your Hands Say Yeah constantly since buying it a couple of days ago. "Some Loud Thunder" is I believe a major accomplishment for the band. It has produced a fuller, deeper sound then their debut I believe. I plan to do a full review shortly.
MP3: Underwater (You And Me)
MP3: Yankee Go Home


  • At January 27, 2007 , Anonymous Sean said...

    I've only listened to the new CYHSY record once...and wasn't all that impressed. Have to see if it grows on me.

    Can't wait for Andrew Bird tonight! Didn't you swear off The Basement a couple weeks ago? :P

  • At January 27, 2007 , Blogger Wayne said...

    I think the new CYHSY will either be loved or hated by most people. I love it but I can understand people not getting into it. Yeah I don't really like the Basement, but I was so impressed by Andrew Bird I will make a return, wish he was playing elsewhere though.


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