Jan 6, 2007

M. Ward and Band @ Metro Theatre

Effortless, raging beauty, that's the best way i can describe the music of M. Ward. Back in Australia, after releasing one of 2006's best in "Post-War", he now plays with a band in support and he put on a wonderful show at the Metro Theatre on Friday night. Early on he played a few songs from his latest release including a favourite of mine in "Poison Cup", before digging out some oldies including a superb "Undertaker". He played a stunning "Chinese Translation" before covering a John Fahey song, quickly followed by "Get Rhythm", the Johnny Cash classic. The last song was a storming "Flaming Heart" and then the band left to rapturous applause. I sneaked a peek at the set list and saw "To Go Home" was in the encore and my heart started to pound, but they switched things round and went with "Helicopter" and "Big Boat" before Matt returned to play a solo version of "Sad, Sad Song" which was stunning in its beauty. I felt during the night that this is where my musical heart lies now, an intoxicating blend of folk, country and rock that delivers purely from the heart. The band was great, Mike Coykendall, Rachel Blumberg, Jordan Hudson and Adam Selzer, were no mere backdrop, their expert musicianship was a fine partner to M. Ward's stylish guitar picking and gorgeous, husky voice. My only quibble, I wish they could have played longer. Also i have no photos of the event as security informed us not to take photos or our cameras would be confiscated. This seems ridiculous to me, what's wrong with taking a few photos, Metro. Oh yeah, Holly Throsby was a fine support act, her gentle beautiful songs were a fine entree.

Set List (this is 99% accurate but i stand to be corrected-have updated this now-thanks to Will)
Four Hours In Washington
Right In The Head
Poison Cup
Magic Trick
Outta My Head
Cosmopolitan Pop
Poor Boy, Minor Key
Chinese Translation
John Fahey cover/Get Rhythm - Johnny Cash cover
Vincent O'Brien
Flaming Heart

Regeneration No. 1
Big Boat

Sad, Sad Song


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