Jan 1, 2007

Live Wish List, or Please Tour Here Soon

Two days from now I will have the opportunity to finally see one of my favourite bands Modest Mouse after many years of waiting. By all reports their recent live shows have been a blend of new songs and ones from their previous breakthrough album, with a few oldies thrown in. I would be happy if they just played "Lonesome Crowded West" start to finish, but of course its only natural they will concentrate on the present. Anyway it got me to thinking of other artists that I haven't had the opportunity to see live. 2006 was great in that I saw a few that had been on my wish list, Broken Social Scene, TV on the Radio, Animal Collective and The New Pornographers being the highlights. I have made a list of acts I would love to see live, some have been around for a while, some are fresh on the scene. I have excluded God Speed! You Black Emperor as it seems the Montreal legends perhaps are on indefinite hiatus.

Explosions in the Sky
Every time I read a report of this Austin quartet's live shows, the words sublime, earth shattering, life changing seem to be used. Their superb instrumental work has had me enthralled for years. They have a new record due in February so maybe a tour could be on the horizon. Lets hope so, they are definitely number one on my wish list.

This unique Brooklyn band's blend of folk, psychedelica and harmonies would translate well to the live setting I believe. Reports of their shows are encouraging as well.

The Wrens
Veterans now, this New Jersey band made one of my favourites of all time, "Meadowlands" and by all reports their live shows match their recorded output.

Sunset Rubdown
2007 might be a good time for Spencer Krug to have a nice lie down, but it looks like Wolf Parade will be very busy so I'm not sure what Sunset Rubdown will be up too. But after watching many of their live clips on YouTube I truly believe a live show would be stunning.

Sufjan Stevens
Another artist who shows no sign of slowing down, he seems to have raised the bar in 2006 with reports of his spectacular live shows, complete with orchestras and angels wings.

The Hold Steady
I missed them at the Laneway Festival, i couldn't get back into the Basement, but as Geoff reports it was one hell of a show.

It's Dan Bejar!

This band could be really special, every one just seems to have fallen in love with their sweet tunes, I have too. I imagine a live show would be joyous.

The Constantines
Their live shows have entered legendary status, I love their music but I can only imagine the heights that a live setting would take their songs. Sean's report only wants me to see them more.

Do Make Say Think
To say that I'm excited by their upcoming February release would be a massive understatement. They have been touring lately with Broken Social Scene and by all reports they haven't suffered in comparison. Here is a taste from "You, You're a History in Rust."
MP3: The Universe!


  • At January 01, 2007 , Anonymous Sean said...

    Do Make Say Think have nearly always avoided Vancouver so I have never seen them either. I'd love to though.


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