Jan 19, 2007

Laura Veirs @ The Basement

Thursday Night represented two firsts for me. The first time I had seen Laura Veirs and the first time I had seen a show at The Basement. Firstly Portland, Oregon's Laura Veirs provided a gentle night of sweetly sung songs. She was on guitar for the whole night, with Tucker Martine providing drums on about half of the songs. Now I only own Ms Veirs' latest work "Year of Meteors" so I wasn't overly familiar with everything she played, plus she previewed quite a few songs from "Saltbreakers" her upcoming album due in March. Despite this I quite enjoyed the night without it reaching any great heights. Of the songs I knew I was happy to hear "Parisian Dream" and "Rialto". She also used quite imaginative pedal looping and it seemed that the audience was satisfied with the night. Plus she was incredibly friendly. Now I would have to say my first Basement show would probably be my last for a few reasons. Mainly because most of the acts that play there aren't really my style of music. Also i find the whole supper club feeling in front of the stage not my way of watching music. Plus I found the venue cramped and hot with not a lot of good vantage points. Anyway here is an old Laura Veirs song to enjoy-
MP3: Green Cowgirl


  • At January 19, 2007 , Anonymous Ro said...

    I've been to the basement a few times and always find the setup ridiculous. The ppl who can afford to have a dinner booking there are usually the ones talking while the support is on stage, sometimes even yakking on during the main act's set.

    That said, during the laneway festival I think it is the best place to be. no snobby diners, really jacked-up drinks, no tables or numerous waiters for that matter, and a really accessible, knee-height stage.

  • At January 19, 2007 , Blogger Wayne said...

    Agree with you Ro, i think the basement would definitely work best during the laneway festival. Much more atmosphere in that setup

  • At January 19, 2007 , Anonymous Karen said...

    I'm seeing Andrew Bird at The Basement next weekend. Do you think there's any point in getting there early? Is there one spot better than the others? I'm half thinking about heading all the way to Cronulla to see him support Holly Throsby at Brass Monkey the following night, because I just LOVE Bird and I've heard some bad things about the Basement setup.

  • At January 20, 2007 , Blogger Wayne said...

    Karen I would definitely get there early because any good position is claimed early. Probably the best is on the side which is closer to the stage. I think my main problem is i just like the feeling at a pub where you can basically hug the stage.

  • At January 20, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    gah i just realised i was briefly featured on yr blog. thanks for that wayne. =p

    hmm, odd about the basement. when i went there to see my latest novel, i was in fact hugging the stage right in the front! it wasn't so bad because everything else disappears when you're so close to the stage. i also wouldn't mind seeing andrew bird there ~ as long as i get to hug the stage (and hopefully him as well)



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