Jan 20, 2007

Jeff Tweedy

You may have heard of Jeff Tweedy. He plays in a little band called Wilco, who happen to be touring here in April. Did everyone get tickets?, or did the $80 price put you off. I suppose many of us are used to paying no more then $50 for our favourite bands. But when you consider most shows at the Entertainment Centre or these monstrous Stadium shows go for over $100, I think it will be worth it. Looks like you can still purchase standing room tickets too. Anyway, I digress, Jeff Tweedy is currently doing a solo tour of the USA. I came across this excellent piece on Nashville Scene, which has a snapshot of his set list. Apparently Jeff makes a list of songs in his repertoire and then crosses off the ones he doesn't want to play. Anyway it makes for fascinating reading for a Wilco/Tweedy fan. Here is another Wilco live track-

MP3: Maybe the Sun Will Shine Today (live)


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