Jan 23, 2007

Coachella 2007 plus Wayne's Dream Festival

The Lineup for Coachella 2007 was announced today. This is a festival I have always wanted to attend but work commitments have made it next to impossible. Anyway the headliners do next to nothing for me, Bjork (I'd rather stick needles in my eyes), Red Hot Chili Peppers (ugh) and Rage Against the Machine (liked them years ago but generally speaking reformations don't excite me). However some of the other acts are truly exciting. Interpol, Silversun Pickups, Gillian Welch, Arcade Fire, Decemberists, New Pornographers, Andrew Bird, Explosions in the Sky, Grizzly Bear get the huge thumbs up for me.
Anyway I started thinking of what a dream festival lineup would look like for me. I thought I could have it in Sydney (saves airfares), in Spring (summer is too hot for me) and somehow keep the numbers limited to 10,000 (big crowds are off putting, hello BDO). I thought 12 bands a day would be a nice number. Of course these are currently working artists and no reformations. Hey its a silly idea, but a man can dream.

  • Gillian Welch (nice gentle way to start)
  • Midlake
  • Architecture in Helsinki (would get everyone up and dancing)
  • Cat Power
  • Destroyer (brings the greatness)
  • The Thermals
  • Wolf Parade
  • Sufjan Stevens
  • Voxtrot
  • Mogwai (the mellow sections ends here)
  • The Wrens (live shows are formidable or so I've heard)
  • Broken Social Scene (perfect closer, just incredible live)
  • Band of Horses (open with Great Salt Lake)
  • Akron/Family
  • Aloha (the day starts to get really sweet)
  • Annuals
  • Catfish Haven (crowd should be pumped now)
  • Bright Eyes
  • The Dears
  • Okkervil River (passion overload at this point)
  • Animal Collective (time to groove now)
  • Radiohead (no harm in slotting in a legend here)
  • Built to Spill (only they could manage to fill this gap)
  • The Arcade Fire (oh joy, oh joy)
  • Neko Case (her voice will get people ready)
  • M. Ward (Neko could stay and do a duet)
  • Dirty Three
  • The Decemberists
  • Sunset Rubdown (had to give Spencer a day off)
  • Spoon
  • Explosions in the Sky (time to lie down and hear perfection)
  • The Constantines (time to get up again)
  • The Mountain Goats
  • TV on the Radio
  • Wilco
  • My Morning Jacket (they can play until the end of time-if you want evidence go here.
Sometimes I think I have too much time on my hands.


  • At January 23, 2007 , Anonymous James said...

    Nice lineup mate. Become a promoter already!

    The Coachella line-up is pretty damn awesome though. Don't forget to add in some Jarvis and Sonic Youth. Kaiser Chiefs and Damien Rice are both fantastic live too!

  • At January 23, 2007 , Anonymous Karen said...

    All the goodness of that wishlist line up is making me dizzy. No locals though!! I agree, restricted numbers is an awesome idea (but only, of course, if I had tickets ;) ) because crowded festivals are horrible. It's what made the Great Escape so fun last year - so much room to move, and yet enough of a throng in front of the stage when it mattered. Like for the Black Keys. I hope this year the vibe is the same.

  • At January 23, 2007 , Anonymous Karen said...

    Okay make that almost no locals ;)

  • At January 24, 2007 , Blogger Y said...

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At January 24, 2007 , Blogger Wayne said...

    James- I don't think I ever afford this lineup if I was a promoter!

    Karen- I do like the setup for Great Escape too, still undecided about going though. Also I should have found a spot for Dappled Cities Fly, but no other locals were really a serious consideration.

    Y- I hope you are referring to Splendour's lineup. Also I was creating a dream lineup so wasn't concerned with availability or whether they toured recently.


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