Dec 13, 2006

Tapes 'n Tapes @ Gaelic Club

When i read a Pitchfork review for Minneapolis band Tapes 'n Tapes earlier in the year, my curiosity was piqued. They scored an 8.3 and were compared to Pavement. Now the Stockton slackers basically shaped my listening world, so i needed to investigate. Upon buying "The Loon" i thought, they aren't Pavement but have crafted an entertaining well written debut which has provided solid listening throughout the year. Sure they haven't reinvented the wheel, but i was keen to see them when they announced they were touring. Now they didn't provide the emotional highs of Midlake and Band of Horses but for one hour they gave their all and had the crowd absolutely in the palm of their hands. Singer Josh Grier even commented that he was glad to see an audience dancing and not standing with their arms folded. The rhythm section of Jeremy and Erik were very tight and Josh attacked the lead guitar with the same fervour as his singing. They opened with "Just Drums" and "The Iliad", the first 2 songs off "The Loon" which had the crowd hooked already. They then proceeded to play most of the tracks off their debut, except my fav "Crazy Eights", before closing with "Insistor" and "Jakov's Suite" which had everyone in a frenzy, so much so that one enthusiastic woman briefly flashed her top. My pick of the night "In Houston". Oh, also they didn't bother with an encore, played hard for an hour, left nothing in the tank, you can't ask for more. Will I be listening to them in 10 years, who knows, but tonight was fun.

More photos here.

Set list
Just Drums
The Iliad
Beach Girls
In Houston
10 Gallon Ascots
50's Parking
Jakov's Suite

MP3: Cowbell
MP3: Omaha


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