Dec 1, 2006

Heartless Bastards

If all great bands have great names then this Cincinnati trio have won half the battle. Luckily their second release "All This Time" contains a lot of great music. The key to Heartless Bastards is without question the voice of Erika Wennerstrom. It soars, it whispers, it gets under your skin. You could compare it to Janis Joplin and you might be somewhere in the neighbourhood. Still the band play with some style, its real old school rock and roll, but it never feels cliche. I don't know but it seems something only American bands can do properly at the moment.
You can buy from Fat Possum Records, but i did find a copy at JB-HI-FI.
MP3: Searching for the Ghost.
MP3: Came A Long Way.
Live in the Lounge at WOXY.
  • Only ONE MORE WEEK until Midlake.
    Polonaise in winter Snowshoes and hunters
    Carry the goods in for you
    Darkness and forest
    Grant you the longest
    Face made for porridge and stew


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