Dec 10, 2006

Band of Horses @ Gaelic Club

" Early told a lie Afraid to be blind Now go for a while Shut off the world Shut off to all I'm yours I'm yours", these words from "Wicked Gil" i was incessantly singing to myself on the way home last night from the Gaelic club after seeing Band of Horses put on a joyous show. Thanks to the Meredith Music Festival, this week in Sydney is just a cavalcade of great bands, i think i should just camp out in Devonshire Street for the week. As you might know Matt Brooke left the band a few months ago, but main singer-writer Ben Bridwell looks like he has no intention of letting the momentum slow. With four other members, playing very tightly, they tore into "The Great Salt Lake" and "Weed Party" and the venue, although not quite full, was rocking. Ben was very amiable throughout, chatting away and seeming like just a very pleasant fellow indeed.
Playing a few new ones mixed in with most everything off "Everything All the Time" it was a great show indeed, highlighted by a blistering "Funeral". I think i'm a sucker for great American rock, in the vein of My Morning Jacket or Catfish Haven, gorgeous melodies, rollicking guitars and soulful vocals. The best music there is i believe, a great night without doubt.

I have a few more photos at flickr.

Set list
The Great Salt Lake
Weed Party
Our Swords
The First Song
Part One
a new song?
The Funeral
Wicked Gil
a new song (solo) ?- this was really nice

Too Soon? (not sure if this is new)
Chained and Bound (Otis Redding cover)- i could be corrected on this

MP3: Wicked Gil.

Oh also they have moved back to South Carolina, officially they are from Seattle no more.
78 SAAB were very good beforehand, melodic rock with a country flavour.


  • At December 10, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm pretty sure I was standing behind you for most of the show

  • At December 11, 2006 , Blogger Dave said...

    Bridwell was absolutely trashed on stage at Meredith.

    Then someone who looked a lot like him ran across the stage naked during the following set, from The New Pornographers. Twice.

    He actually jumped over Neko Case's head. (She was crouching.)


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