Dec 7, 2006


This post is about Arizona the band not the state. I recently got my hands on this Brooklyn five piece's debut record and i am glad i did. I Guess I'm Floating really gave them big wraps back a few months ago, but since then they haven't received a lot of publicity. "Welcome Back Dear Children" is the name and i think the best way i can sum it up is eclectic. I posted on "Splintering" yesterday, a monster track, one of the best of the year, in my opinion. However that only gives a hint at the sound of the rest of the album. The opening track "Te Amo Tanto" is a gentle opening featuring Ben Wigler's falsetto voice, before giving way to "Some Kind of Chill" which is a languid, hazy sixties feeling song which is simply glorious. The band have managed to create an interesting mix of styles and they certainly don't let you feel bored. Another highlight is "Somersby", which features some great riffs and is one of their rockier moments. I certainly feel this is a very promising debut and Arizona is a band to keep an eye out for.
MP3: Some Kind of Chill.
MP3: Away.
Best place to buy is at Insound.
The artwork is from Inaspoon.
Also if you visit Milk Milk Lemonade he has some new tracks to listen to.


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