Nov 14, 2006

Sunken Treasure - Jeff Tweedy Live

Sunken Treasure Jeff Tweedy live in the Pacific Northwest is not only a must for fans of Wilco but for any lovers of great music. Recorded in February 2006 by Brendan Canty (Fugazi), the dvd covers shows in Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Arcata and San Francisco. Predominately acoustic with some backing by Glenn Kotchke, Nels Cline and Scott McCaughey, Tweedy plays mainly Wilco songs with some Uncle Tupelo and Loose Fur thrown in. The highlight, musically, for me is a stunning rendition of my favourite Wilco song Sunken Treasure. Also included are Tweedy's musings about the live experience, in one great scene, he berates a punter for talking during a show. Tweedy basically says, why come to a show when you are going to talk all the way through it. It spoils it for everyone trying to take in the show. I couldnt agree more with Tweedy, if i could have one thing changed at shows, it would be to remove excessive talkers, i can not understand why people need to continually talk through out a show, its extremely selfish, you wouldnt do it during a movie or play, why pay good money and then not listen to the performer. Phew, i was glad to get that off my chest, but i guess its my forum here.
Anyway you can watch a trailer here at Wilcoworld.


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