Nov 27, 2006

Rock Plaza Central, O'death

If your tastes drift towards traditional, organic sounds evoking a past time i can highly recommend the following 2 releases.
Are We Not Horses- Rock Plaza Central is another Canadian release which promises greatness, evoking Neutral Milk Hotel with its use of brass and chris eaton's off-kilter voice, the band swells to produce a unique concoction.
Head Home-O'death. I came to this release via the excellent Perm & the Skullet, this band hails from New York, but you would guess it was recorded on a mountain somewhere in West Virginia, with its bluegrass feel of banjos, slide guitar, fiddle and as described on the cd, junk. This record ranges from foot stomping caterwauls to sad dark songs which are sung with great emotion. I think of late my tastes have leaned to authentic, honest music played with heart and zero pretension and both these releases fit the bill.
You can buy the O'death release at the excellent CD Baby, a great source of independent and unique music.
The Rock Plaza Central is self released and available here.
MP3: Busted Old Church-O'death.
MP3: Only Daughter-O'death.
MP3: My Children Be Joyful-Rock Plaza Central.


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