Nov 20, 2006

Oakley Hall

A band really filling my ears at the moment is Brooklyn sextet Oakley Hall, whose third album was released recently on Brah Records, it is also now available locally on Spunk. Formed in 2002 by Patrick Sullivan, formerly of Oneida, this band is a unique blend of distorted rock, folk and country. Gypsum Strings opening track "Confidence Man" will assault your ears with its Hendrix like opening, but then the record will unfold and give you many different sounds and styles. Standout track "Lazy Susan" contains some of the best guitar heroics this side of Doug Martsch, whilst the drumming of Greg Anderson will have you hypnotised. Other songs like "Living in Sin in the USA" and "Nite Lights, Dark Days" feature the angelic singing of Rachel Cox and are pure American folk moments. Their music has been described as psychedelic roots music, a rather cumbersome title, but labels are never truly satisfactory, trust me you should check them out. Merge Records are obviously impressed, they have just signed them.

MP3: Lazy Susan
MP3: Living in Sin in the USA


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