Nov 6, 2006

Meadowlands-The Wrens

I recently noticed that The Wrens 2003 masterpiece Meadowlands is now readily available in Australia with 2 extra tracks from the original sessions. For those who don't have this incredible record i can only suggest run, don't walk to your nearest store and make it part of your collection. Many of you would know by now how this New Jersey oufit went almost 7 years before releasing this album after many battles with their previous label, but it was worth the wait. This record simply soars, with every song having many layers, full of emotion and intelligently crafted pop rock. There are so many hooks in these songs you will never tire of them. I would honestly say it is one of my all time favourites, which i intend to include in my list of loved cds that i will post about in the future to give you an indication of my musical taste.

BOYS YOU WON'T- listen here. watch below.
Boys you won't remember

From the minute
You wanted into the room
Every letter started broken hearted
And ended way too soon
Lived through underrated
Getting jaded
To wind up with no one
Hiding in new places
Singing "I guess we're done"
I don't want you to wonder why
It won't do any good
You don't know what you got into
Unitil you know when it's all gone wrong
And I don't feel the need to try and explain


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