Nov 8, 2006

Destroyer/Golden Plains

Basically i am of the opinion that Destroyer can do no wrong. So i was especially excited to hear that his first and out of print record We'll Build Them a Golden Bridge has been re-released on Scratch Records. First issued in 1996 it has new artwork and includes 2 songs which would later appear on New Pornographers releases.
I truly believe Dan Bejar to be a genius songwriter and i plan to expand on this opinion in the future.
MP3: Breakin' the Law

More exciting news is that the people behind the Meredith Music Festival are planning another festival at the same venue in March 2007, to be called Golden Plains.
Some of the bands invited include Comets on Fire, Yo La Tengo, !!!, The Bellrays, Gotye, Mountains in the Sky. Promising so far with more to be announced.


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