Nov 13, 2006

Best of Australia, reviews, etc.

A big thanks to sean at a reminder for his work in compiling the list of the best of 2006.

For what its worth here is my contribution-

1. Dappled Cities Fly
The most exciting band in the country and always entertaining live.

2. Dirty Three
Perhaps Australia's greatest ever and still making interesting music.

3. Architecture in Helsinki
Highly original, an oasis in a land of retro rock.

4. theredsunband
sarah nails it everytime with her voice.

5. Youth Group
6. The Grates
7. The Crayon Fields
8. The Avalanches
9. Art of Fighting
10. Screamfeeder
11. The Tucker B's
12. Mountains in the Sky

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin's re-released debut record Broom is a delightful collection of sweet pop gems. Despite a few weaker tracks, the band, from smalltown Missouri will have you humming and tapping your feet to these well crafted tunes. They have been compared to The Shins and although they lack James Mercer's lyrical dexterity it is none the less a fine debut
MP3: House Fire.

In a totally different vein Portland, Oregon's The Thermals have shown that committed, blistering and intelligent punk rock is still achievable in 2006. When i say punk rock, i mean 3 chord rock that still contains vicious hooks and memorable melodies but delivers a coherent message about the state of the world. The Body, the blood, the machine covers themes of isolation, desolation, christianity in the new USA and generally just "where the hell are we going". Hutch Harris' voice will have you wanting to just pump your fist in the air. I imagine this 3 piece would just kill live.
Watch here- A Pillar of Salt.

One More Thing- Just bought Joanna Newsom's newie Ys. All i can say at the moment is breathtaking. I will review in full shortly. I am so disappointed to learn her 2 sydney festival dates have sold out, i didn't act quickly enough.


  • At November 14, 2006 , Blogger Osmond said...

    Quite a good list though the Avalanches haven't released anything in a long while.

    I'm surprised Augie March hasn't made it onto your list.

  • At November 14, 2006 , Blogger Wayne Massingham said...

    thanks, yeah now i come to think about it i guess the avalanches arent really active, i guess it was more in hope that they finally release something at long last.

    i probably overlooked augie march, i know alot of people love them they just havent grabbed me yet.


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