Nov 2, 2006


This is a band that definitely should have a much bigger audience. I only came to them recently and i most assuredly wish i had heard them earlier. Aloha have been together since 1997 when forming in Ohio, now based all over the US eastern seaboard they released what i believe is their 4th full length album Some Echoes earlier this year to universal acclaim. Even though the band operates under the basic 4 piece rock group setup, their music is at once melodic, uplifting and passionate. There is a singular beauty to their music that i'm sure you will find hard to resist. I think this quote from Punchline that i read sums it up best "Aloha do for the pop format what most bands can’t--adopt it, ingest it, and spit it out as a living breathing progeny....beautiful."

If you would like investigate further i can recommend visiting the good folk at Polyvinyl Records.

This is my favourite track from Some Echoes: Weekend.
Another good one. Your Eyes.


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