Nov 25, 2006


New York band Akron/Family defy description, the tag freak-folk has been used, but i find that term fairly gross. Let me just say that they combine a lot of different styles to brew up an intoxicating blend of music. Their third release Meek Warrior sees the four-piece consolidate their position as one of the most innovative bands working today. Signed to Michael Gira's Young God Records, the band open up with a nine minute sonic assault "Blessing Force", a song that has many different directions, maybe too many to be honest, then what unfolds are a blend of songs, that range from folk to sheer noise, but all giving you an exciting listen. The second song "Gone Beyond", i think demonstrates Akron/Family's biggest strength as a band, their amazing vocal harmonies, which if you are familiar with their past work, you already know about.
MP3: Meek Warrior.
MP3: Gone Beyond.


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