Oct 13, 2006

Okkervil River

In early september i headed to @newtown to see austin, texas band okkervil river.
i had seen them last december at the hopetoun hotel and enjoyed them immensely. They were just as good this time around. Will Sheff is a magnetic presence on stage, he gives himself fully to every song and was in fine form this night. They opened with a new song, "The President's Dead", before going onto "No Key, No Plan"and "Lady Liberty". Another new song which made an impact was "Love to a Monster", a dark and sad song which is right up there with any of their back catalogue. I was also pleased to hear "Blanket and Crib", one of my favourites.
One of the highlights was a stunning version of "So Come Back, I'm Waiting" and then the show was topped off by playing their classic "Westfall" in the encore, which sent the audience home deeply satisfied. We now await a new record, hopefully sometime in 2007.



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