Oct 30, 2006

My Morning Jacket

Okonokos is a testament to the greatness of My Morning Jacket as a live band. I truly love this band and this record only cements the relationship. A 2 disc set it covers a lot of last year's wonderful release Z, but still manages to delve into their back catalogue especially It Still Moves. Played with great ferocity and skill, the band has made releasing a live album worth the exercise, with Jim James remarkable vocal talents soaring on every track, particularly my favourite the closer "Mahgeetah". I had the pleasure of seeing them live at Bonnaroo in Tennessee in 2004 and it was a performance i will never forget, especially after being drenched in a fierce thunderstorm as the band played on.
You can go here for a collection of wonderful stuff.
Also here are some photos from my Bonnaroo Experience.


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