Jun 21, 2024

Dirty Three @ Enmore Theatre

Dirty Three are a legendary iconic Australian band. If they're not Australia's greatest ever band they are certainly in the conversation. Formed in Melbourne in 1992 the original lineup of Warren Ellis, Jim White and Mick Turner has not changed over the years. Thursday night at the Enmore Theatre was their first Sydney show in a few years and I was not going to miss it. Their shows are epic and monumental and this one was no different. They also have a new album coming out next week, so it was actually exciting to hear some of those tracks. They opened and closed with new songs and they sounded great, with Ellis even playing some piano. But of course we most loved the classics. Which included an absolutely epic 'Indian Love Song' and of course the untouchable 'Everything's Fucked'. I think my favourite though was the transcendental 'I Remember a Time When Once You Used to Love Me'. It turned out to be quite a long set, nearly three hours in total, including a blistering encore. This is of course somewhat due to the blissful ramblings of Warren Ellis. Ellis is a phenomenal musician and his violin playing is quite incredible, but his rapport with the audience is strange and beautiful and funny. He goes on five minute streams of thought that are hilarious and touching. A true national treasure. Mick Turner and his guitar anchor the band, whilst I don't think I have seen a finer drummer than Jim White. Dirty Three should be cherished totally. I hope they return soon.    

Set List
Love Changes Everything I
Love Changes Everything II
Love Changes Everything III
Indian Love Song
Sea Above, Sky Below
I Remember a Time When Once You Used to Love Me
Everything's Fucked
Some Summers They Drop Like Flys
Authentic Celestial Music
Love Changes Everything IV
Love Changes Everything V

Sue's Last Ride


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