Mar 23, 2024

Wilco @ Enmore Theatre

If you have the opportunity to see Wilco more than once, then just do it. So we had little hesitation in seeing the Chicago band for a second night in a row at what would be their final night of their current Australian tour. Plus Wilco always switch up their set list from night to night and so it proved. Obviously we received standards like ‘Jesus, Etc.’ and ‘Impossible Germany’. But we also received different songs from the night before such as ‘At Least That’s What You Said’ and ‘I’m The Man Who Love You’, which were both magnificent. I can’t add a lot more to my review from the night before, suffice to say Wilco were in incredible form. And the crowd lapped it all up. And as much as the Opera House is a great venue nothing beats a night at the Enmore. 

Set List
Infinite Surprise 
At Least That’s What You Said
Handshake Drugs
I Am My Mother
Cruel Country 
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
One Wing
Either Way
Box Full of Letters
Jesus, Etc.
Impossible Germany 
Dawned On Me
I’m Always In Love
Heavy Metal Drummer
I’m The Man Who Loves You
A Shot in the Arm

California Stars
Falling Apart (Right Now)
Spiders (Kidsmoke)


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