Mar 6, 2024

MJ Lenderman @ Howler Melbourne

Tuesday night in Melbourne I was very lucky to see MJ Lenderman for the second time within a week. I was in Melbourne for work and the incredibly talented musician was playing a show at the very cool small venue, Howler in Brunswick. And what a show it was. It was a longer show than Sydney. So we got all the favourites plus some extra content. New songs were played and let me tell you they were all great. Especially 'Wristwatch', a spectacular song. MJ announced his new album is finished and is coming out this year, so it was great to hear some previews of what is to come. MJ and his band are really tight and full of energy and great musicians. A bonus was that Wednesday singer Karly Hartzman joined the band too for the entire night. Songs like 'Hangover Game', 'Knockin' and 'Tastes Just Like It Costs' have quickly become crowd favourites and were received with rapture. And as mentioned the new songs were very exciting too. Lenderman is a serious talent. Great musician. Great singer. Great lyricist. A sound that feels like crossing Neil Young, Pavement, Jason Molina and Drive-By Truckers. Speaking of Neil Young, we received an encore. A cover of Young's classic 'Powderfinger', which was fantastic to say the least. A superb way to end a super night.

Set List
Hangover Game
Wristwatch (new song)
Joker Lips
You Have Bought Yourself a Boat
TLC Cage Match
Under Control
She's Leaving You (new song)
(new song)
Catholic Priest
Rip Torn (new song)
Live Jack
Someone Get the Grill Out of the Rain
(new song)
Tastes Just Like It Costs

Powderfinger (Neil Young cover)


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