Feb 22, 2024

Dinosaur Jr. @ Enmore Theatre

Dinosaur Jr. are true survivors in the Indie Rock world. Not just surviving but thriving. This is evidenced by the fact that they are not just going throught the motions. All of their albums have been excellent since their hiatus. But this latest Australian tour, first since 2017, was a celebration of an album released 30 years ago in 'Where You Been'. So this latest tour has been focused on that excellent album. They play the album in full before meoving onto a few classics to finish off the night. A sold out Enmore Theatre received all of the songs with enthusiam. The band are men of few words but they let their songs do all the talking. J Masic shreds like most can't and his effortless vocals float across the huge riffs and melodies. Lou Barlow plays a mean bass, full of vim and vigour, whilst drummer Murph is a strong and reliable drummer. Many great songs were played, but I especially enjoyed 'Little Fury Things' and also 'Feel the Pain'. They saved probably their most well liked songs for the encore. The incomparable 'Freak Scene' and the great Cure cover 'Just Like Heaven' finished off a great night.  

Set List
Out There
Start Choppin
What Else Is New
On the Way
Not the Same
Get Me
Goin' Home
I Ain't Sayin'
I Met the Stones
Been There All The Time
Little Fury Things
Feel the Pain

Freak Scene
Just Like Heaven