Feb 20, 2023

Bon Iver @ Aware Super Theatre

Bon Iver is a must see whenever he visits your town. So Friday night at the Aware Super Theatre was clearly a case in point. Seen Justin Vernon and his band a couple of times previously but not for a while. Missed his last tour and then a 2020 tour was cancelled because of the pandemic. So Friday night was much anticipated and let me tell you it was all pretty great. Bon Iver is quite a show these days. Far removed from the quiet acoustic days. But it all comes together beautifully with a very talented band playing several instruments, backing up the wonderful vocals of Vernon. Across four albums he delighted a sold out crowd. Obviously leaning more on the last two. From his latest I was especially excited to hear 'Naeem' and it did not let me down as the very last song played. But my absolute favourites were older classics. 'Skinny Love' obviously but especially 'Re: Stacks' which was just superb. 'Holocene' was also wonderful and was hugely received. All in all a wonderful night from an extremely talented artist.

Set List
U (Man Like)
Heavenly Father
10 dEAThbREasT
Hey, Ma
Skinny Love
Re: Stacks
33 "GOD"
The Wolves (Act 1 and 11)


Feb 16, 2023

Osees @ Metro Theatre

Is there a better live band on the planet than Osees? I seriously doubt it. Wednesday night at the Metro in Sydney proved it again I think. There is an undeniable and ecstatic energy to their shows that is impressive and infectious. This show was the last on their much anticipated Australian tour and they went out with a bang. Close to two hours of orgasmic rock. They played a good selection of songs from across their vast catalogue and the energy truly never let up. John Dwyer is a singular figure on stage. Holding his guitar high up on his chest he grooves and moves to every note. His energy bounces off to the crowd and back to him. And the bedrock of the band is the ferocious rhythmn section. Their famous two drummer set up of Dan Rincon and Paul Quattrone underlines everything and bassist Tim Hellman ably aids this sound. And for a band that rocks really hard they are also quite groovy. They are definitely a band you mosh to but also dance to. They can go hard and fast in songs like 'A Foul Form' or go long and trancy on songs like 'Sticky Hulks'. It all adds up to a memorable night yet again. 

Set List
Withered Hand
Ticklish Warrior
Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster
Animated Violence
Chem-Farmer/Nite Expo
Tidal Wave
The Static God
The Dream/The Daily Heavy
Sticky Hulks
I Come From the Mountain
Gelatinous Cube
Funeral Solution
Fucking Kill Me
A Foul Form
Encrypted Bounce
Rogue Planet
Scramble Suit II
I I Had My Way
Terminal Jape