Nov 29, 2022

Big Thief @ Enmore Theatre

It took a while, but it finally happened. I finally saw Big Thief and their show Sunday night was indescribable greatness. On their two previous tours I was unable to go for various reasons. Then in 2020 their planned tour was cancelled due to COVID. But finally they made it back. On the back of their new album which is my favourite album of 2022. Big Thief truly are on a tear right now and they are at the peak of their powers. And somehow their live performance was even better then what they put on record, which is pretty remarkable anyway.

They have such an extensive catalogue now that a live show will invariably not cover everything. And studying recent set lists they shake it up each and every night too. But the Enmore show covered a lot of what I love including opening with 'Real Love' from their debut album. What a seismic beginning with the band going into chaotic overload. They then followed up with the aptly named 'Masterpiece', the first Big Thief song I ever heard. Then for the next 90 minutes or so they totally enthralled us with a nice selction of new and old. Some very new too, with 3 unrecorded songs being played. They were great as well, especially 'Vampire Empire'. Of course the incredible 'Not' was probably the highlight. A powerhouse of a song that floored me. The band showed live they can get really heavy with some great riffage and heavy duty drumming and also go soft with swapping to acoustic as the lead guitar. The band just seem so in sync, playing off each other with natural grace. And of course Adrienne Lenker is the centrepiece, an incredibly talented human who feels more like a celestial being. The encore was great too with 'Cattails' and the incredibly beautiful 'Mary' closing off a perfect night. This night was super special. A band of rare talent. Hope they make it back soon. 

Set List
Real Love
Shark Smile
Forgotten Eyes
Wait a While
12,000 Lines
Red Moon
Happy With You
Vampire Empire
Spud Infinity