Jun 14, 2022

Lucy Dacus @ Forum Melbourne

As the thrill of international artists returning to our shores grows one of the ones I most excited for was Lucy Dacus. Normally I would have attended her Sydney show but work placed me in Melbourne. So with good fortune I attended her Melbourne show at the Forum last Wednesday night. Firstly, what a great venue. Big room with Roman style ornaments and a beautiful blue ceiling. And as expected the music matched the venue. Lucy is a performer of not just great talent but also one of beautiful energy.  
The crowd was excited and ready to sing along to everything. And so they did with full and emphatic voice.

Last year Lucy released her excellent third album in 'Home Video' and this set was heavily composed of that album. My favourites were 'VBS' and the beautiful 'Cartwheel'. 'Thumbs' was especially beautiful too. Of course I loved older tracks such as the fearsome 'Timefighter' and of course the extremely excellent 'Night Shift'. Another bonus was several luminaries (Julia Jacklin, Gordi, Alex Lahey) joining the band for a singalong on 'Going Going Gone'. To top the night off Lucy closed the night solo with a new song in 'Bus'. An excellent end to a completely wonderful night.

Set List
First Time
Hot & Heavy
Yours & Mine
Partner in Crime
Fool's Gold
Going Going Gone
I Don't Wanna Be Funny Anymore
Kissing Lessons
Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen cover)
Night Shift

Triple Dog Dare

Jun 6, 2022

Georgia Maq @ Sydney Opera House

Our second show for VIVID in 2022 also took place in the Sydney Opera House. But this time in the small and intimate Utzon Room. It's a great space that has a nice view of the Harbour. Saturday night we were treated to a wonderful show from Georgia Maq. Georgia is best known as the lead singer of the always great Camp Cope. But on this night there was no Camp Cope at all, it was purely a Georgia show that drew a little bit from her debut album and a whole bunch of new songs. Plus 'Samson', a Regina Spektor cover. Sometimes that can be slightly difficult as the audience has to go into the unknown. But for this show there were no problems at all as the new songs sounded great and were very well recieved. By the sounds of it there perhaps is a second solo album on the horizon as Georgia mentioned she wrote these songs during lockdown in 2021. And they truly sounded great, and very personal. She was backed by a great trio on violin, cello and piano. The piano was actually played by her stepmother. It all combined for a wonderful show in a truly beautiful setting. 

Jun 3, 2022

Liars @ Sydney Opera House

After two years in the COVID wilderness it has been great to have VIVID back with us again in Sydney. So I was pretty excited to venture along to the Sydney Opera House on Tuesday night for a show. It was my great pleasure to see the trio Liars in action. Led by Australian Angus Andrew this band has been a constant force overseas for many years. Their brand of electronica and post punk is both powerful and persuasive. They played in the Studio, an intimate space, perfectly suited for a great live show. The band leaned heavily on last year's excellent 'The Apple Drop' but still had time for a good selection of older tunes as well. Of the newer songs 'Sekwar' was my favourite, whilst 'Scissor' sounded as good as it ever did. The band, in their dapper white jumpsuits, were as good as ever. A great pleasure to see them and have live music back in our lives.

Set List
The Start
No. 1 Against the Rush
My Pulse to Ponder
Slow and Turn Inward
Cred Woes
Big Appetite
Mess on a Mission
The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack
Acid Crop

This Dust Makes That Mud

Jun 1, 2022

The Hold Steady @ Croxton Bandroom

Way, way back in 2019 The Hold Steady announced they would be coming to Melbourne for 3 nights of celebration. One night they would play 'Boys and Girls in America, one night they would play 'Stay Positive' and one night would be 'fan favourites'. I chose the first night and then waited with anticipation. Then in 2020 COVID hit and everything changed. The shows were postponed a couple of times but eventually they were set for last weekend in Melbourne. It was a long wait but boy was it worth it. So my show was Friday night and I loved every minute of it.

The Hold Steady are a great band and even better live. They really embrace the audience like few other bands do and can. Craig Finn doesn't look like a rock star but he acts like one. Constantly moving and engaging with the the crowd. Interestingly I expected the band to play 'Boy and Girls' in total from start to finish but they mixed it up. They played them all but interspersed their other great songs through out the set list. From start to finish it was all great. And despite the sound not being great I just had the best time. My favourite part was 'First Night' leading into 'Stuck Between Stations' but it was truly all very special. Music makes feelings like no other and The Hold Steady tap into this every single time.

Set List
Constructive Summer
Hot Soft Light
The Swish
You Can Make Him Like You
Party Pit
Hurricane J
Chips Ahoy!
Heavy Covenant
I Hope This Whole Thing Didn't Frighten You
First Night
Stuck Between Stations
Same Kooks
Entitlement Crew
Girls Like Status
Arms and Hearts
Your Little Hoodrat Friend
Family Farm
Chillout Tent
Massive Nights
Southtown Girls

The Feelers
Banging Camp
Sequestered in Memphis
Killer Parties