May 13, 2022

Camp Cope @ Enmore Theatre

COVID sure has wrecked live music plans over the last two years. From March 2020 it was basically a write off. Slowly in 2021 things started getting back to normal, but June 2021 hit and Sydney went into lockdown for four months. Slowly late in 2021 things stated getting back on their feet. But my last live show was still 12 months ago. Until last night at the Enmore Theatre. Camp Cope played, hot off their latest and greatest album. We had tickets to see them last June but COVID got in the way. Finally after many postponements they arrived in Sydney to a great reception. It was so great to be back seeing live music and better still, Camp Cope.

Camp Cope have stirred things up since their fantastic self titled debut album a few years ago. It was so great to have them release their third album earlier this year. It's a slightly different sound but still contains their trademark elements. Impassioned vocals, great guitar and emotional lyrics. The new songs all went down well but I especially enjoyed 'Caroline' and 'Blue'. Of course older tunes were enthusiastically received too, such as 'Done' and 'Lost (Season One)'. The best cheer was reserved though for the closing song 'The Opener'. What an amazing song. Georgia Maq still has her tremendous vocal range but she is freed up even more now with Jennifer Aslett playing guitar which allowed Georgia to roam the stage free. She seemed to revel in the new freedom. Another addition was Georgia playing piano on a couple of songs including the awesome 'Sing Your Heart Out'. A great night. Great to back at a live show. Great to see Camp Cope again.

Set List
Keep Growing
How to Socialise & Make Friends 
One Wink at a Time
The Mountain
The Screaming Planet
Lost (Season One)
Sing Your Heart Out
Running With the Hurricane
The Opener