Apr 19, 2021

You Am I @ Enmore Theatre

Last Thursday night at the Enmore Theatre was a stark reminder, if needed, just how much I have missed live music. When the global pandemic hit in March 2020 live music went with it and was one of the last to return. Slowly but surely in late 2020 smaller venues reopened with limited capacity. As we hit 2021 larger venues started up again, with seated only gigs. The classic Enmore Theatre reopened its doors in February and this show was the first I had been to in over a year. What a night it was!

Firstly the Enmore has been refurbished in its time closed. It has always been an Art Deco jewel but the owners refurbished it even further, bringing out all the special elements and making it spectacularly beautiful. The show was sold out and was meant to be a seated gig but three songs in the band said we could stand and stand we did. With joy and love in our hearts. And that band was the classic Australian rockers You Am I. A band I saw several times in the 90s and who produced many classic songs. I can tell that they have lost absolutely nothing. The foursome of Tim Rogers, Andy Kent, Russell Hopkinson and Davey Lane were as tight as a drum and sounded fantastic. And you could see they played with unbridled joy, a joy reciprocated by the enthused audience. They played a wide range of songs including ones from their soon to be relased 11th album. But it was the classics that received the biggest cheer. I was especially excited to hear 'Sound As Ever' and 'How Much Is Enough'. Then how can you top going back to back with 'Cathy's Clown' and 'Mr Milk'. Well you close with the iconic 'Berlin Chair'. I was just so happy to be at a show again. Thank you live music. Thank you You Am I.

Set List
The Waterboy
The Cream and the Crock
Guys, Girls, Guitars
Minor Byrd
No, a Minor Blue
Get Up
How Much Is Enough
Rosedale Redux
We All Went Deaf  Overnight
Bon Vivants
Lives of Others
Sound As Ever 
Cathy's Clown
Mr Milk
If We Can't Get It Together
Trigger Finger
The Ocean
The Applecross Wing Commander
Good Mornin'

I'm A Mess
Berlin Chair