Mar 7, 2020

Bill Callahan @ State Theatre

Some artists, through a long body of exemplary work, achieve iconic status. Their work feels important and vital. I do believe Bill Callahan is one such artist. He is an artist that commands respect, quietly and with surety. Thursday night at the beautiful State Theatre we were fortunate enough to see him again. For the fourth time I believe. His baritone voice and plaintive songs with emotionally strong lyrics are pure greatness. What a pleasure it was.

Mr Callahan released another excellent album last year in the shape of  'Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest'. So naturally we received a very good slice of that album. My favourites being 'The Ballad of the Hulk', '747' and 'Angela'. He tried to give a good portion of his back catalogue too including such great songs as 'Drover' and an epic version of 'America!' But the best part was when he even reached back to his days recording as 'Smog' to play us the all time classic in 'Say Valley Maker'. What a superb song that is. And I must say his band of three were superb. A subtle drummer, a double bass player that was truly in sync and best of all a lead electric guitarist that played to the strength of all the songs in the best way possible. Thanks for coming again Mr Callahan.

Set List
Son of the Sea
Too Many Birds
Watch Me Get Married
Let's Move to the Country
Say Valley Maker (Smog cover)
The Ballad of the Hulk
One Fine Morning
So Long, Marianne

Riding for the Feeling