Jul 21, 2019

Local Natives @ Oxford Art Factory

In an age of bland for the masses pop music with easy beats and forgettable lyrics it's a pleasure and a privilege to witness a band that is actually based on the idea of songwriting. A band that not only makes you move but makes you feel. Feel big time. That band is California's very own Local Natives. They should be playing to super sized stadiums but we are very lucky that they can still do small sized club shows. It makes for a personal and wonderful intimate experience. That was Friday night at the Oxford Art Factory. It was their first show in Australia for six years and we welcomed them back with open arms.

Local Natives have ridiculous talent. Their songs are full of passion and beauty and a certain amount of joy. But the big thing about them is their sheer vocal power. They can all sing and they all do. But the two main man are Taylor Rice and Kelsey Ayer. They are front and centre and their voices chime and interweave with great beauty. It's a glorious sight. Whether on an outright rocker like 'Sun Hands' or a joyous ballad like 'Cafe Amarillo'. It's all there. Just simply sublime. And the set list was pitched just right. We had a good selection from this year's excellent 'Violet Street' but they balanced the night with choice cuts from their first three albums. My absolute favourite was the superb 'Colombia'. But to be sure, it was all greatness personified.

Set List
Wide Eyes
I Saw You Close Your Eyes
Megaton Mile
Past Lives
Cafe Amarillo
Heavy Feet
Sun Hands
You & I
Garden of Elysian
Dark Days
When Am I Gonna Lose You

Who Knows, Who Cares