Apr 19, 2019

Kurt Vile @ Enmore Theatre

There are performers who strut the stage as if they own it. Nick Cave and Josh Tillman are two that come to mind. Then there are performers who look like they don't naturally belong there. Kurt Vile is one that comes to mind. But when you are as musicially talented as Kurt is then ultimately it doesn't really matter. Kurt vile is full of goofy charm and innate shyness. He hunches over his guitar and doesn't say much. Escept to stop and thank the audience for coming. He seems a totally genuine soul who just doesn't naturally exist on a stage. But his supreme talent as a musician demands his place on stage. Monday night at the Enmore Theatre I was delighted to see him again. He has become a regular visitor to ur shores but I will always seek out his shows.

Last year Kurt released his latest album in 'Bottle It In' and as per usual it was a great pleasure. Long and seismic guitar tones. His songs lope and canter at their own pace. Languid and quite beautiful. This show would showcase a few tunes from that album but also many from his burgeoning career. Sadly we didn't receive 'One Trick Ponies' from his latest album but songs like 'Check Baby' and 'Bassackwards' absolutely slayed live. Kurt is such a natural master of the guitar. I think I counted at least three electric guitars that he used plus his beautiful acoustic which he showed off on the epic 'Wakin On a Pretty Day' and also 'Peeping Tomboy' which was performed by Kurt solo. He also broke out the banjo on 'I'm an Outlaw' to ecstatic acclaim. Backed by his excellent Violators Mr Vile proved yet again that exquisite musicianship can always carry the day.

Set List
Loading Zones
Jesus Fever
I'm an Outlaw
Check Baby
Girl Called Alex
Cold Was the Wind
Peeping Tomboy (Kurt solo)
Yeah Bones
Wakin' On a Pretty Day
KV Crimes
Puppet To The Man
Wild Imagination

Pretty Pimpin'
Baby's Arms