Oct 1, 2018

Destroyer @ Oxford Art Factory

Friday night at the Oxford Art Factory felt a long time coming. In fact I never ever thought it would come. Seeing Destroyer was something I knew I wanted for a very long time. But I honestly thought he would never tour. Dan Bejar that is, or Destroyer as is his artistic name. Destroyer was a name easily at the top of my 'never seen artists' list. I have loved his music for a very long time. His gift for melody and drama coupled with an astonishing lyrical ability made him lodge very deeply in my heart. So when he was announced a tour of Australia I was extremely exited. It would be a solo tour which excited me even more as it would allow his magnificent songs to flourish with beautiful abandon. And so it proved Friday night.

Dan took the stage just after 9.30 with his well worn (and loved) red acoustic Guild guitar. He then played for a bit over an hour, I could easily have taken more, delving widely across his huge repertoire of classic songs. It was certainly a well balanced set. Something for everyone I would have thought. In fact he played two new songs which I think were both great. He even gave us a beautiful New Pornographers song. I most pleased too that three songs from his classic album 'Streethawk: A Seduction" were presented on the night. Especially the magnificent 'Helena', my personal highlight of the night. Dan didn't say much but seemed very grateful for the applause. There were some small quips. My favourite being 'I have two educational songs and this is one of them'. It was truly beautiful night. Just a genius songwriter, his solitary guitar and a slew of great songs on a bare stage. Dreams fulfilled.

Set List
Watercolours into the Ocean
Stay Lost
Crimson Tide (new song)
English Music
Times Square
Tinseltown Swimming in Blood
A Light Travels Down the Catwalk
Foam Hands
Cue Synthesizer (new song)
Streets of Fire (The New Pornographers cover)
European Oils
What Road
Don't Become the Thing You Hated

Virgin With a Memory