Jun 4, 2017

Bill Callahan @ Sydney Opera House

Bill Callahan is quite simply understated greatness. The American singer songwriter doesn't possess the flair for the dramatic. What he does possess is a great voice that resonates strongly. It is deep and powerful. He also possesses the great ability to write great songs that have stood the test of time. Bill has been plying his greatness for over twenty years. Firstly as Smog and more recently under his own name. It is always a great pleasure to see him on stage.

Bill was here in Sydney as part of Vivid and he played 4 shows over two days in the Drama Theatre of the Sydney Opera House. We went to show three on Saturday night and were beautifully entertained for just on an hour and a half. The set list was a good spread of Callahan material with a little bit from most eras. Bill plied his acoustic through out, with Matt Kinsey joining him on electric guitar. It was a gently mesmeric performance, devoid of artifice and self indulgence. It was a performance playing servant to the music. And what great music it was.

Set List
Jim Cain
Ride My Arrow
River Guard
Rock Bottom Riser
Too Many Birds
I Gave Up Good Morning Darling (Red Steagall cover)
Riding For the Feeling
I'm New Here
Say Valley Maker