Jun 17, 2016

Eleanor Friedberger @ Newtown Social Club

Oh Sydney. Why??? The greatness that is Eleanor Friedberger was in you town last night and you barely showed. A half full (if that) Newtown Social Club was charmed and bewitched by her presence Thursday night but you weren't there. I just don't get it. She was part of the superb Fiery Furnaces and she has now released three wonderful solo albums including this year's 'New View'. I understand that she isn't receiving much hype down under and she doesn't exactly fit into any particular genre. But her ear for melody is off the charts and I was so happy to be there last night.

It was a short and very sweet set by Eleanor and her two compadres. Playing a nice selection from her three albums she charmed us in her slightly shy way, speaking occasionally but mainly focusing on her music. I think my favourite was 'Scenes from Bensonhurst' in the middle of the set, but I loved the languid beauty 'Does Turquoise Work?. The encore included a Cate Le Bon cover and a great rendition of 'Never Is A Long Time', before the band left the stage and Eleanor played 'Cathy With The Curly Hair' in solo mode. A great end to a wonderful night. A pity that more people weren't there to witness her in person.

Set List
He Didn't Mention His Mother
When I Knew
Your Word
Early Earthquake
My Mistakes
Scenes from Bensonhurst
Because I Asked You
Sweetest Girl
Other Boys
I Am the Past
Does Turquoise Work?
A Long Walk
Stare at the Sun

I Think I Knew (Cate Le Bon cover)
Never Is A Long Time
Cathy With The Curly Hair (solo)