Nov 29, 2015

The Revenant Trailer

So excited to see this. Opens January!

Nov 19, 2015

Maples @ Newtown Social Club

Carving out a career in music is hard. Especially if you are an independent artist. It takes real dedication and long hours. The pay off is giving people pleasure but often it's not enough to give up the 'day job'. Gabby Huber is one such artist. Formerly a key member of the much missed Sydney band Dead Letter Chorus, she now records as Maples. After many months of commitment and hard work she finally has an album out into the world. "Two Worlds" is the name and I attended the launch on Tuesday night at the Newtown Social Club. Her music can probably be described as emotional pop. It's weighty but still light to touch. Songs are based on love and hope and joy. The sound is driven by keyboards with the backing live of drums, bass and synths. It's danceable but there is plenty of room for ballads. It's made for decent radio airplay, so hopefully that will happen as the album is top class. Live, the songs pack a punch. Especially songs like "I Have Heart" and "Into My Arms". The highlight of the night was probably the encore though. Gabby firstly went to the back of the room and gave us a great cover of  Martha Wainwright's "Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole", before joining the band to end with the single in "Stars". Maples deserves your support not just because she's an independent artist but also because she has something to say.