May 25, 2014

Since I Left You - A Celebration of The Avalanches @ Sydney Opera House

In the year 2000 an album was released that would become a landmark statement in Australian music. "Since I Left You" was the debut album from Melbourne electronic collective The Avalanches. It was inventive, unique, profound and incredibly full of supercharged fun. To this day it stands as a masterpiece. Its use of 3500 samples was just one mark of its creative vision. There has never been a second album. We just have this one to enjoy and know how deep an impact it has made.

As part of Vivid the album was celebrated Saturday night at the Sydney Opera House. Jonti and the Astral Kids brought it to life with great care and dynamic enthusiasm. With a ten piece band involving every string possible and two drummers it was a splash of sound of colour. Singer producer Rainbow Chan was front and centre providing vocals on many tracks and completely dancing her butt off. As we were. After feeling obliged to sit through the first couple of tracks, the very talented Jack Colwell got us out of seats and the show certainly gained momentum from then. By the time "Live At Dominoes" came around the place was pumping. As it should. It would be hard to find a better album released in Australia then the mighty "Since I Left You".

May 18, 2014

Your Love Is Killing Me-Sharon Van Etten

This is a must listen. An incredible new track from the fabulous Sharon Van Etten.