Oct 30, 2013


"Julia With Blue Jeans On" is out today!

Oct 25, 2013

Fuck Buttons @ Oxford Art Factory

This was my first proper Fuck Buttons experience. And I must say it was most enjoyable. A sold out Oxford Art Factory welcomed the two English lads and for over an hour they pummelled and bewildered us with their special brand of dark, industrial, post-dance noise/music. I had seen Fuck Buttons a few years back at the end of hot wonderful day at the ATP Festival on Cockatoo Island. At that show they had only recently released their debut album. So Thursday night was a good opportunity to not only hear material from their latest albums but see a full set in a closed environment. It was intense and focused, to be sure.

Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power stand at their consoles. Facing each other they make occasional eye contact to check that the music is going in the right direction. They barely notice the audience. Images of each of them are reflected on a screen behind them. Lighting is subtle. It's really all about the music. Songs are invariably long, building layer upon layer. Rhythms forcing their way forward, with steady streams of noise shunted out. This is not dance music, but you can dance to it. Sort of. Swaying and head nodding is probably more suited. They started strong with bulldozers "Brainfreeze" and "Surf Solar". The glorious "Hidden Xs" was a great closer. It plateaued at times in the middle as the music sometimes meandered and lack of connection with the crowd can make it sometimes a dry experience. But the best parts of the night were impressively hypnotic and suitably intense. I'm pretty glad I experienced it.

Set List
Surf Solar
Colours Move
The Red Wing
Hidden Xs

Space Mountain

Oct 16, 2013

Mikal Cronin Australian Tour

Oh joy! Mikal Cronin is coming to Australia for the very first time. His album "MCII" is surely one of the very best to be released this year. So you can imagine I am pretty excited to see him live for the first time.
Make sure you don't miss this tour!

Mikal Cronin Tour Dates
November 18 Melbourne Music Week-Noisey Mountain
November 20 GoodGod Small Club, Sydney
November 21 Alfred's Apartment, Gold Coast
November 22 Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
November 23 Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay

Oct 13, 2013

Her Trailer

A new Spike Jonze film?
Yes please!

Oct 9, 2013

Love The House You're In-Moonface

Spencer and a piano!
Does it get any better than this?

Oct 2, 2013


Sometimes an artist comes out of nowhere and hits you like a sledgehammer. Gambles is one such artist. Until a few days I had never heard of him, now I can't get enough. Gambles is Matthew Siskin and he is from New York. This week he released his debut album in "Trust". It is searingly honest and absolutely brilliant. Just a heavily strummed acoustic, a strident voice and forceful lyrics. It is very, very special.